08 March 2011

Borink time...ahaks


Past is past already..you can never change it unless time will come back again but we all know it is very impossible to happen so the best thing to do is to make it correct if you're doing bad from your past and make the best of your life in the future without mess..being careful and sensitive enough with the surroundings so that everything will be ok..like me,i would say i've done so many mistakes before and we can't change that,instead focus and learn to be good in the future..though you mess up sometimes but there's one thing nice about it..it is just that we learned from our mistakes..we will never know what we are doing if we don't encounter faults..it is just a part of our lives..so we must learn to move on and continue what we've been doing despite failures and circumstances...i would say,life must go on.....

Jom Heboh at dataran Shahbandar

Sari + Azie..hehehe

Berada di bawah cendawan kerana 
kepanasan yang melampau

Otw g jom heboh....Azie kat tepi da xnampak..hakhak

Makan MCD kat Dungun...Lapor..hahah

Soh ade sowang dak 2 amik gambo ni.....

Makan Nasi Kukus Kat Gadong
Not Bad....

Kusyuk gler kan aku makan.....hahah
ade aku kesah..hakhak